Ray Dolby’s Legacy

Ray Dolby led with a passion for problem solving, and he inspired technical excellence in his team.  He believed that successful technology businesses are built on the foundation of great engineers focused on building exceptional products.  Ray inspired so many around the world with numerous technical achievements, including the electronics design of the first practical video tape recorder at Ampex Corporation. In 1965, through a series of audio noise reduction and signal processing technologies, he revolutionized analog audio recording. Through Ray’s experience and intuition, he went on to build his company with guiding principles that he carried through his everyday life as well as in his businesses.  These values remain an important part of his legacy and serve as a role model for anyone building a technology focused organization.

Ray Dolby Legacy

Ray Dolby valued:

  • Passionate creative entrepreneurs with technical expertise
  • Describing complex solutions in simple ways
  • Solving real problems validated by the market
  • Delivering real technology that is easy to use
  • Building, protecting and defending Intellectual Property
  • Business models that are sustainable and fairly priced
  • Educating the marketplace to collectively improve systemic problems with technology
  • Investing in people and in long term value